Redesigned EMail Alerts

We love all of our improvements, but believe that this 2011 enhancement will really make you stand out with those you support…a genuine WOW factor!!!  Similar to the Automatic Summary Reports, we completely reworked the EMail Alert function. The result has been a much more intuitive interface that supports more flexibility when defining the “Alerts”.  In addition to identifying which users will receive an alert, you can also indicate which storms to include (or exclude) as well what schedule is best for each alert.  ***We have also created a NEW ALERT which will notify a user whenever one (or more) of their locations is expected to be impacted by a storm.***  These features really need to be experienced to be fully appreciated!

Watch the short video below for more information

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EMail Alert Examples are shown below

Location Group Alert

New Storm Alert

Location Impact Alert

Change Category Alert

Geographical Alert