2013 Version Update History

Update 24.15 (7/6/2014)
- Replaced .ZIP download files with alternate extension

Update 24.14 (3/4/2014)
- Changes in anticipation and support of rainfall forecast enhancements

Update 24.11 (09/16/2013)
- Fixed Desktop Rebuild issue with 300 mile check
- Changed plotting interval for wind probabilities

Update 24.10 (09/02/2013)
- Changed Hurrtrak Online Tab for easier access
- Corrected minor Tray Alert problem
- Corrected a slight problem with the Formation Point function and added a graph capability

Update 24.09 (07/24/2013)
- Changed Hurrtrak Sat/Radar retrieve method
- Added User Preferences Exit reminder
- Misc. minor changes

Update 24.06 (05/29/2013)
- Misc. internal changes
- Fixed Email Alert Issue

Update 24.04 (05/19/2013)
- Made a few changes to "Max's Favorite Models"
- Changed Hurricane History program to allow for selection of multiple (analog) years.
- Changed desktop rebuild to not affect the Multiple Storm Tracking tab/chart
- Made changes to User Options to allow for deletion of "retired" models
- Corrected Slosh Reporting Issue
- Misc. other minor changes.

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