Current Weather Observation and Depiction

A significant 2014 enhancement is the ability of users to examine current observations for all official weather stations, NOAA operated coastal stations, Buoys, Oil Rigs, Ship Reports and observed storm reports (over 5000 stations). Data includes Wind Speeds, Wave Heights, Pressure, Ocean Temperatures, Air Temperature, Dew Points and Local Storm Reports. This is presented in a user friendly format including the depiction of current tropical cyclones / formation alert areas and the ability to plot graphically or produce reports on the parameters listed above. Sample uses of this feature include:

• Comparison of forecast vs actual developing conditions
• Easy, quick displays of smaller scale events away from the storm’s circulation (i.e. feeder bands)
• Real time, multiple source on-site reports, indicating storm effects on the ground
• The ability to view local (or worldwide) weather observations, even without active tropical storms
• Depiction of formation "alert" areas.

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