2014 Version Update History

Update 25.16 (4/10/2015)
- Misc. changes.

Update 25.15 (2/10/2015)
- Misc. changes related to database size control
- This update is very highly recommended

Update 25.14 (12/4/2014)
- Significant changes to maintenance of observation database to prevent it from getting too large
- This update is highly recommended

Update 25.12 (09/07/2014)
- Minor change to prevent the software update message from appearing more than once per Hurrtrak session

Update 25.11 (08/16/2014)
- Included 2013 history data for Western Pacific and Indian Oceans.
- Added tab highlighting for current tab and bold labels (easier to read) to the main tracking program
- Fix for Eastern Pacific Storms moving into the Western Pacific.
- Misc. other changes.

Update 25.10 (07/21/2014)
- Included newly release Eastern Pacific 2013 best track data... and updated Atlantic data
- Corrected minor graphing "tag" problem
- Included some database maintenance improvements
- Now Code Signing all install and update files... this should reduce anti-virus messages

pdate 25.08 (07/08/2014)
- Added better gradient for pressure icons
- Added RECON Vortex pressure to Observation program
- Minor changes to better download performance

Update 25.07 (06/23/2014)
- Changed Hurrtrak Online data files from.ZIP to a different extension
- Changed maintenance method to observation database file.
- Misc. other minor changes.

Update 25.05 (06/10/2014)
- Enhancements to new Observations program... including enhanced reporting capabilities
- Made a few changes to "Max's Favorite Models"
- Screen settings now saved for Observation, RECON, MODELPLOT and SLOSHview programs
- Misc. performance enhancements and error detection
- Corrected tide error problem with designating Zip code as base location
- Misc. other minor changes.

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