Enhanced Wind Estimation

In addition to "tweaking" the forecast/actual wind estimation, we have also added a new feature to Advanced Wind Estimation (RMPRO & Advanced versions) whereby you can estimate winds at different elevation levels. For example, what will the wind be on top of a high rise building or top of a rig as compared to "ground" level. This is especially useful if you need to consider assets at higher elevations... other than 33 feet (the default for the system).

Below (left) is an example of damage due to Hurricane Wilma in South Florida in 2005 on the Colonial Bank building in Miami... height 227 feet.  The tallest building in Miami is the Four Seasons (right) at 789 feet!

With the enhanced wind estimation that is part of the 2015 Hurrtrak software, you will be able to better estimate the highest winds expected at any level.

  The report below shows the difference between the forecast wind at 33 feet (standard level), 100, 200, 400 & 500 feet for Hurricane Wilma in Boca Raton, FL..  Notice how the top of a 50 story building will experience a major hurricane while near ground level just a minimal one.  This  feature is extremely useful to anyone interested in winds on tops of construction rigs, hotels, condos... or any structure that is higher than 33 feet.

of course all of this information can be exported to Excel and/or shared via PDF.