Our highly rated ExpertEase, will continue in the 2015 software with one important change: it includes the Winter and Spring months, making it a year round benefit. Please note that this feature is ONLY available to users who maintain the current version of the Hurrtrak software. In order to continue receiving these updates, you need to upgrade to the 2015 software. For those less familiar with this feature, ExpertEase provides another tool in your data arsenal. On a daily basis, our chief meteorologist discusses via video update, current tropical (and now also non-tropical) conditions as well as what is likely to occur in the near term. His observations are integrated within the Hurrtrak program throughout the Atlantic Hurricane season and available via a web browser in the off-season. Unique to PC Weather Products portfolio, ExpertEase gives you “inside” knowledge of the factors and conditions affecting the path and strength of active tropical storms and/or the tropical season in general. Remember, it is available to all users with current Hurrtrak software installed and now includes winter and spring weather.


To view some examples from last year, check out the following videos.

Hurricane Sandy Discussions (October 27th and 28th, 2012)





The following video created in 2012 remains a good way to see what this feature is all about.  Keep in mind we have expanded this to include Winter and Spring Weather.

Watch the short video  below for more information

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StormInfo customers still have unique access to the the following:

- StormInfo Graphics (Maps)
- StormInfo Twitter Updates (instant updates via Twitter)
- StormInfo Text (Advisories)
- StormInfo Reports (General Impact reports)
- StormInfo Expert Analysis (Written updates)
- StormInfo Satellite (Satellite images)
- StormInfo Personal Impact Report (custom reports for your location)
- StormInfo Personal Storm Surge Analysis (custom maps for your area)