Severe Weather Watch/Warning Alerting system

Short (3 minute) video describes this new function (best to watch in full screen or on YouTube)

A significant enhancement this year is the addition of Severe Weather Watch/Warning Notification and Alerting. This allows user(s) to quickly receive notifications when severe weather threatens any location. Some aspects of this new feature include...

ALL Alerts / Notifications can be automatically Emailed

Alert locations can be tailored to your base of operations ("home") or any number of locations (both pre-defined and custom ones that have been added). This means that you can be notified when severe weather is indicated near any of the "sites" you typically monitor.

 • Alerts are emailed to both the site being affected by the watch or warning as well as other email addresses defined. Additionally, the Watch/Warning information can be displayed as a Windows Tray Pop-up on the user’s workstation which allows for immediate notification.

Alerts can be grouped so that a user receives just one email showing all of the "new" alerts affecting their locations rather than multiple single alert emails.

Severe Weather triggers can be defined by the type of severe weather watch/warning and distance from the storm. For example, you may wish to be notified about Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm warnings only... not Watches or Special Weather Statements

 See some examples of how the weather warnings/watches are displayed as well as the types of alert messages/emails below (scroll all the way to the bottom of the page).

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Tornado Warnings



Mixed Image of Tornado Watch, Tornado Warning, Severe Thunderstorm Warnings & Special Weather Statements

Tornado Watch


Severe Thunderstorm Watch


Watch and Warning Notification / Alert examples

ALL Alerts / Notifications can be automatically Emailed


Email example