Sending Alert EMAIL Message

The user has the ability to specify "trigger" criteria, by Email recipient that would result in an "ALERT" Email message when that criteria is met.  This is how this works...

After setting up their general EMail setup options, the user would "turn on" the alert options in addition to defining the storms that they would like to send alert email for.

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Then the "Define Alert" function allows the user to define each of their addressbook entries along with any alert criteria and special instructions.  For example, the user can setup a recipient to automatically receive a message when a storm first forms, or when it has a change in category and attach the advisory information to the note.  In addition a storm graphic can be attached to the email message.  Finally, more powerful alerts can be defined via location alerts and geographical area alerts (see below).  

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Location Alerts can be defined which allows the user to specify one or more alert criteria specific to a location.  Below is an example of an alert setup for Apalachicola and Pensacola.  The alert would be satisfied for Pensacola if the winds were expected to reach 70 knots or the strike probability was > 50% or the storm was expected to pass within 150 nm.  Each of these alerts are specific to a recipient (or an email group).  New in 2007 is the ability to define wind probabilities as an alert criteria.


Geographical Alerts can be defined which allows the user to specify one or more alert criteria specific to a geographical area.   Below is and example of an alert setup for the "Gulf of Mexico" and the "NW Gulf of Mexico".  In this case the first alert would be satisfied if a storm were forecasted to be in the Gulf of Mexico with winds of at least 64 knots.  Again, each alert is specfic to an individual recipient or an Email Group.

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When a forecast advisory is received via HURRTRAK ONLINE, the alerts are processed and recipients with satisfied criteria will receive an Email note indicating the conditions met along with any text/graphic attachments.

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a special EMail would be sent indicating that this (trigger) condition had been met. 

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Sample resultant email messages