Slosh MOM data

(Click here for a description of what SLOSH MOM is)

In the EM/PRO system, the SLOSH program allows the user to display the "raw" SLOSH values in the SLOSH MOM sectors.  It does NOT show the elevation of the area being examined so the user would have to utilize elevation data while viewing the data.  A must more elaborate solution is available with HURRTRAK RM/PRO and HURRTRAK Advanced with SLOSH Inundation analysis.  Some example of slosh in EMPRO   are shown below.

 Tampa Bay, Category 3 storm.  Values indicate potential water levels above sea level (ASL)

tampaslosh3.gif (36550 bytes)


Example of a composite slosh map showing a Cat. 3 hurricane.  Both Pensacola and Panama City Basins are plotted.      

mom2.gif (18109 bytes)