2005 Version Update History

Update 16.17 (8/19/2009)
- Changed process of HIRES RECON data

Update 16.16 (9/5/2006)
- Enhanced program to allow it to display more forecast models

Update 16.15 (11/1/2005)
- Expanded "definition" of Atlantic Storms further west again to accommodate storms almost into Pacific
- Allow Tracking module to open in a window rather than always full screen
- Changed the way the Sat. tracking image resizes
- Added a right click "Delete Storm" option
- Fixed several other minor program bugs

Update 16.12 (7/21/2005)
- Expanded "definition" of Atlantic Storms further west to accommodate Emily
- Enhanced code to better handle remote access operations

Update 16.10 (7/13/2005)

- Restored Copy and Paste capabilities into email text field as well as some other text fields
- Fixed some minor mapping issues
- Corrected "rare" missing map error message
- Added code to allow system to be used with remote host operation (logmein.com / gotomypc.com)
- Corrected some minor Outlook address book items
- Minor Quickplot correction regarding the caption indicating # of storms in basin

Update 16.04 (6/20/2005)
- Fixed RECON program bug where type of recon report was mishandled.
- Fixed caption date/time

Update 16.02 (6/14/2005)
- Adds language (spell checker) files that were left out of some update installs
- Slight fix to a sort of Impact report.


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