2006 Version Update History

Update 17.15 (8/19/2009)
- Changed process of HIRES RECON data

Update 17.14 (3/7/2007)
- Added support for new DST rules

Update 17.13 (9/5/2006)
- Changed main tracking program to allow for more forecast model types
- Added new radar sites
- Improved Location Import Utility (Advanced)
- Corrected miscellaneous minor problems.

Update 17.12 (8/8/2006)

- Corrected a  Google Earth overlay problem in a couple of modules
- Added new radar for Puerto Rico
- Corrected a potential email summary report problem
- Corrected an impact summary report problem when location name had 2 spaces in it
- Changed animation to show centers of tropical depressions
- Replaced NLCD BMP files to match up with pre-calced RI files
- Reduced memory usage of Desktop Satellite for large images

Update 17.10 (7/6/2006)
- Change Desktop Satellite program to have 60 minute sunrise and sunset buffer
- Corrected a potential wind pattern display problem
- Changed GIS shape export naming method
- Expanded model capabilities for more models in future
- Corrected potential GIS export problem
- Changed Miami-Dade counties FIPS code
- Updated Radar data file to accommodate changes at NOAA
- Changed the method at which satellite images are sent to Google Earth
- Corrected Rainfall thematic display problem

- Fixed several other minor program issues

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