2007 Version Update History

Update 18.08 (8/19/2009)
- Change HIRES Recon processing

Update 18.07 (5/4/2008)
- Corrected some minor problems

Update 18.05 (8/28/2007)
- Corrected a JPG image save problem

Update 18.04 (8/23/2007)
- Added
forecast rainfall information to Executive Summary Report
- Corrected problem when plotting wind bands on a satellite image
- Corrected an issue with plotting a wind probability analysis on a smaller scale map
- Improved RECON program to allow user to select or deselect the new HDOB observations
- Updated MODEL program to better handle tracks which cross from west longitudes to east longitudes
- Updated the MODEL Program to include the ability to change the width of the model tracks
- Corrected a sporadic rainfall plotting error message
- Corrected an aspect ratio problem with PDF image saves
- Added new version checking which will allow users to know when software updates are available
- Fixed a few other minor software issues

Update 18.03 (6/14/2007)
- Corrected an animation wind pattern problem
- Fixed a minor excel export item
- Corrected Google Earth wind band export when storm is in Pacific or Indian ocean
- Corrected a minor Hurricane History database problem
- Fixed a unit of measure problem with Google Earth animation export
- Expanded analysis area when determining forecast average error area
- Put in fail-safe code in case of database integrity problem

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