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Atlanta, Georgia
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urricanes ?
PC Weather Products, Inc. has been helping risk/
emergency managers and disaster specialists, watch,
analyze and plan for hurricanes and typhoons since
1993. Come by our booth and see why we’re the in-
dustry leader in hurricane software technology and
services. We feature new 2006 versions for all of our
standard and global products, as well as a new con-
sulting service called Hurricane Advisor.
Hurrtrak EM/Pro, Hurrtrak RM/Pro, Global
Tracker RM/Pro and new this year...
Hurrtrak Advanced*
A partial list of system capabilities also include....
• Support for 96 and 120 hours NHC forecast
• Advanced wind estimation techniques
• Highly detailed tracking charts... pan and zoom
• Ability to send graphics, reports and text via email
• Automatic alert email notices & summary reports
• Storm animation (actual and forecast)
• Display of hurricane watch and warning areas
• Depiction of Storm’s eye and wind areas
• Extensive reporting on multiple locations/counties
• Detailed location/county impact analysis
• Forecast rainfall analysis
• SLOSH storm surge inundation analysis
Microsoft Outlook email interface
Landsat/Topographical tracking maps
• Ability to save & send storm animations
• Ability to save / send reports in Excel or Adobe PDF
NEW 2006 capabilities include....
• Google Earth Interface
• New Wind Pattern Display
• GIS Shape File import *
• GIS Shape File export *
• Enhanced wind estimation methods
• Enhanced Wind Band Export
• Wind field depiction improvements
• Point GIS Shape file impact reporting *
• Sea / Wave height estimation
... and more