Hurricane Reconnaissance Display

(Now with support of HIRES Recon data)
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The new hurricane reconnaissance display feature added to the HURRTRAK EM/Pro and HURRTRAK RM/Pro systems  in 2000 allows the user to stay "on top" of the latest storm developments..  After the HURRTRAK ONLINE system receives and decodes "current" Hurricane Hunter reports,  the system will display those reports on a detailed pan and zoom type map.

Below is a series of screen images that explains this function in more detail.

When the hurricane reconnaissance program is started, the user is presented with a large scale map centered on the Western Atlantic.  The user can then select to either view all of the recon advisories in the past x number of hours or specify a date range.  In the example below, we have specified a date range that includes some vortex reports from  1998 and 1999.  As the user passes the mouse over an observation, the report is highlighted and the decoded information is shown on the right side of the screen.

Here the user has passed the mouse over a vortex report for Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

The user then zooms in closer.... and by clicking on the vortex report, the supplemental vortex information is plotted.  As the mouse passes over the supplemental points, all of the supplemental data is shown with the selected observation highlighted in the table.

In the example below, the user has clicked on the Hurricane Floyd vortex message, showing the supplemental data.  The red X's indicate the position of the highest flight level winds observed entering and exiting the vortex.

Notice the single observation to the NE of the center.  This is a non-penetration RECCO report.  This observation's information is decoded on the right side of the screen.

The user also has the ability to graph the supplemental vortex data of wind speed, temperature / dew point and pressure height.  They are shown on the next 3 screens below.

Max Wind Speed


Temperature / Dew Point


Pressure Height


It 's like you're riding along with the hurricane hunters... except a lot safer !!