SLOSH Status Bars and cursor positional data

After doing a SLOSH analysis a status bar is displayed indicating cursor positional information.

Below is an example of a SLOSH MOM plot for a Cat. 3 storm.  There are several items to point out here.   First, the cursor position is shown in the area circled in yellow.  In this location the system can display "friendly" icons , giving a visual indication of the water level at the cursor location.  The inundation values are shown underlined and are plotted when doing a left click of the mouse.  Raw SLOSH values are plotted with a right mouse click and are shown as indicated in the green circle.  Elevation data is shown as indicated in the red circle and is plotted with a shift-left click of the mouse.  Finally, the status bar, highlighted in yellow, shows the cursor position's SLOSH, Inundation, Elevation, Latitude and Longitude values.

sloshstatus.gif (38703 bytes)

tropic1.gif (3265 bytes)



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