Training - 2006 Updates

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Entire Topic (65 minutes) (not recommended for workstations running at or below 1024x768)

bullet Prelude (1 minute)
bullet Overview (6 minutes)
bullet System Setup Option Changes (1 minute)
bullet User Option Changes (17 minutes)
bullet Hurrtrak Menu Options Changes (2 minutes)
bullet Hurrtrak General Tab Changes (2 minutes)
bullet Hurrtrak Graphical Tab Changes (4 minutes)
bullet Report Changes (1 minute)
bullet Eye Consideration Changes (1 minute)
bullet Overlay Option Changes (4 minute)
bullet Shape File Export (8 minutes)
bullet Location Import Utility (6 minutes)
bullet Wind Pattern Display (3 minutes)
bullet Google Earth Interface (4 minutes)
bullet Summary Report Changes (5 minutes)
bullet Other Module Changes (4 minutes)


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