Actual Zip Code Reports

The Forecast Zip Code Reports consists of a Summary Report, Impact Analysis and a Detailed Analysis.   (Actual data is determined using the National Hurricane Center Advisory Information).

The Summary Report shows a group of Zip Codes and the storm's impact.  The example below is for Hurricane Georges.

r211.gif (36094 bytes)


The Impact Analysis report summarizes the information by Zip Code to give an indication of the overall impact of the storm.  The user is able to establish up to 10 (3 in EM/Pro) additional data fields which are appropriate to their business.  In the example below, the Auto Policy and Home Policy information might be of interest to an insurance company.  The ZIP CODE impact analysis report is much more accurate than the County Report as the zip code information is at a more "granular" level.

r212.gif (4259 bytes)


The detailed Zip Code report shows additional information on the impact of a storm.  It gives an hourly "blow by blow" description of the wind speeds and wind direction as well as other important information.  The example below is the for Zip Code 33506 (Gulfport, MS) with the Hurricane Georges.

r213.gif (34969 bytes)


The following is a graph of the wind speeds at Zip Code 33506 (Gulfport, MS)

r214.gif (21858 bytes)


For information on the Coastal Flood Index Report


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