HURRTRAK ONLINE is a subscription based service for the HURRTRAK Software... 

Since 1995, we have been providing the HURRTRAK ONLINE service for customers with our software products...  HURRTRAK EM/Pro , HURRTRAK RM/Pro, and the Global tracking products, Global Tracker EM/Pro, Global Tracker RM/Pro and HURRTRAK Advanced.  Over that period, its reliability and timeliness has been nearly flawless.  With an internet connection, the latest hurricane tracking data is retrieved by your HURRTRAK system whenever new National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service data is updated on our servers and immediately applies this data to the HURRTRAK Databases.  This capability also allows us to put additional automation features into our products, i.e. automatic re-plot on tracking charts, the ability to trigger the automatic sending of email and printing of reports. (Check out the product descriptions for more information on those features).  In 2000, we took a big step by adding new information to the HURRTRAK ONLINE service.  This was done to support new capabilities added to the HURRTRAK EM/Pro and RM/Pro software....  Hurricane reconnaissance data, National Weather Service Precipitation forecasts, and selected hurricane forecast model projections.  In addition we added the Eastern Pacific storm data for users of the Global Tracker products.  In 2001, the HURRTRAK ONLINE internet software is fully integrated into the HURRTRAK software.  No more separate programs to execute.  It can run behind the scenes as you use the HURRTRAK system or you can manually select data.  We will also be looking into the possibility of including data from storms around the globe.  In 2002, Hurrtrak Online users saw additional benefits.  Satellite and Sea Surface tracking map information is downloaded, allowing users of the current version to utilize those functions.. and Global users now have access to data from around the world.  In 2003, we added the NWS NEXRAD radar images for use as background tracking maps.  In 2016 we have added severe weather tornado and thunderstorm watches and warnings... in support of the new severe weather notification capabilities.

HURRTRAK ONLINE with an internet connection is fully integrated into all versions of the HURRTRAK systems

HURRTRAK-ONLINE data includes :

bulletNational Hurricane Center (NHC) Public Advisories:
These advisories contain "general" information about a tropical cyclone. They include the areas of watches and warnings and a brief discussion of the expected motion of the storm.
bulletNHC Tropical Cyclone Forecast Advisory:
This product contains detailed information about a storm's forecast path. It includes the expected storm positions, maximum wind speed and the areas of 34 knot, 50 knot and 64 knot winds.
bulletNHC Tropical Cyclone Discussion:
This contains a detailed discussion from the lead NHC forecaster on the meteorological factors that are affecting and expected to affect the current storm(s).
bulletNHC Tropical Cyclone Wind Probabilities:
This contains detailed information on the probabilities of a location being affected by the current storm(s).
bulletNHC Hurricane Reconnaissance data:
This data is used to support the hurricane reconnaissance program which graphically depicts the hurricane hunter reports.
bulletNational Weather Service precipitation forecast data:
This data is used to support the new function to display the predicted rainfall amounts for the next 48 hours.
bulletHurricane Forecast Model Data
This information supports new capabilities allowing the user to display the latest "raw" hurricane model information.
bulletHurricane Center Issued Wind Probabilities
This information supports the depiction and reporting of the "Wind Probabilities"
bulletHurricane Center Issued Surge Probabilities
This information supports the depiction and reporting of the "Storm Surge Probabilities"
bulletCurrent Weather Observations and Alerts
This information supports the new Current Observations and Alerts capability
bulletNWS Satellite and Radar Data:
This data is used to support the ability to plot the storm on satellite or radar image "tracking charts"..
bulletNHC Daily Tropical Weather Outlook:
This product contains information on potential tropical activity.
bulletJoint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) Bulletins (global users):
These bulletins contain information about tropical cyclones in the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans.
bulletJTWC Tropical Weather "outlook" (global users):
This product contains information on potential tropical activity in the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans.
bullet Severe Weather Tornado and Thunderstorm Watches and Warnings:
This product contains information on on Tornado and Thunderstorm watches and warnings in support of the severe weather alerting function



HURRTRAK-ONLINE Global (for users of the Global tracker and Advanced system)

( per year, unlimited use )

Global coverage for users of the global tracking systems

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