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2013 HURRTRAK Software Enhancements...

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"Expert Ease" – Our highly rated ExpertEase, was introduced last year and will continue in the 2013 software. Please note that this feature is ONLY available to users who maintain the current version of the Hurrtrak software. In order to continue receiving these updates, you need to upgrade to the 2013 software. For those less familiar with this feature, ExpertEase provides another tool in your data arsenal. On a daily basis, our chief meteorologist will discuss via video update, current tropical conditions as well as what is likely to occur in the near term. His observations are integrated within the Hurrtrak program throughout the Atlantic Hurricane season. Unique to PC Weather Products portfolio, ExpertEase gives you “inside” knowledge of the factors and conditions affecting the path and strength of active tropical storms and/or the tropical season in general. Remember, it is available to all users with current Hurrtrak software installed.

Desktop Rebuild – This change represents a major enhancement to the user “experience” in 2013. The Hurrtrak system will now “remember” the graphics, reports and animations created/viewed for a storm, and recreate them automatically when reloading or when storm data is updated. This will routinely and significantly reduce time (and key/mouse strokes) spent re-creating graphics and reports that you typically generate for a storm. Items automatically rebuilt include ALL of the tracking charts and the options displayed on them. Other items rebuilt include:

• Wind Band Analysis
• Location Impact Reports
• Animations
• County and ZIP Based Impact Reports
• Wind Probability Analysis
• Wind Probability Reports
• Surge Probability Analysis
• Rainfall Analysis and Thematic Charts

Enhanced Hurricane/Tropical Storm Watches and Warnings - The system is now able to determine whether individual locations are included within NHC/NWS issued hurricane and tropical storm watches and warnings. This is displayed graphically and also included on all location based reports. These include the EZ-report, Location Wind Profile, County Wind Profile, Zip Code Wind Profile, Executive and Risk-Impact reports.

Enhanced Wind Radii Estimation for Joint Typhoon Warning Center storm forecast - We have significantly enhanced the wind radii estimation for the "missing data" problem for storms in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean.  This will now allow Global and Hurrtrak Advanced users to create consistent animations, wind band charts and most importantly allow for impact reporting for both land and sea locations.

Inclusion of NHC “Storm Position Statement” - Hurrtrak Online data feed will now include data from the NHC’s “Storm Position Advisory”... which provides information about a storm in-between the issuance of “regular” advisories.

Excel export enhancementsExcel export now includes location watch/warning information.

Tray Alert MessageThe "tray alert" will now alert users when their "base" location has tropical storm or hurricane warnings / watches issued for it.

Google Earth export enhancementsGoogle Earth export now includes watch/warning information.

Tab and Automatic Summary Report EnhancementsAutomatic Location Impact and Executive reports now include watch and warning information for the location(s) being analyzed.

Narrative Impact Description - The narrative now includes comments on whether the analyzed location is “under” a tropical storm and/or hurricane watch or warning.

SLOSH/Storm Surge improvements  – Six more SLOSH basins have been updated and rolled into the 2013 release.  This includes the following basins... Corpus Christi, Norfolk, Pamlico Sound, Apalachicola, Penobscot Bay and New Orleans.  Much more detail along with software improvements have made the Storm Surge program easier to use.

and... more changes not listed here...

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