Change History for HURRTRAK EM/Pro & HURRTRAK Global EM/Pro  (does not include 2014 changes and 2015 changes and 2016 changes)

Version 2013 Changes

Expert Ease" – Our highly rated ExpertEase, was introduced last year and will continue in the 2013 software. Please note that this feature is ONLY available to users who maintain the current version of the Hurrtrak software. In order to continue receiving these updates, you need to upgrade to the 2013 software. For those less familiar with this feature, ExpertEase provides another tool in your data arsenal. On a daily basis, our chief meteorologist will discuss via video update, current tropical conditions as well as what is likely to occur in the near term. His observations are integrated within the Hurrtrak program throughout the Atlantic Hurricane season. Unique to PC Weather Products portfolio, ExpertEase gives you “inside” knowledge of the factors and conditions affecting the path and strength of active tropical storms and/or the tropical season in general. Remember, it is available to all users with current Hurrtrak software installed.

Desktop Rebuild – This change represents a major enhancement to the user “experience” in 2013. The Hurrtrak system will now “remember” the graphics, reports and animations created/viewed for a storm, and recreate them automatically when reloading or when storm data is updated. This will routinely and significantly reduce time (and key/mouse strokes) spent re-creating graphics and reports that you typically generate for a storm. Items automatically rebuilt include ALL of the tracking charts and the options displayed on them. Other items rebuilt include:

• Wind Band Analysis
• Location Impact Reports
• Animations
• County and ZIP Based Impact Reports
• Wind Probability Analysis
• Wind Probability Reports
• Surge Probability Analysis
• Rainfall Analysis and Thematic Charts

Enhanced Hurricane/Tropical Storm Watches and Warnings - The system is now able to determine whether individual locations are included within NHC/NWS issued hurricane and tropical storm watches and warnings. This is displayed graphically and also included on all location based reports. These include the EZ-report, Location Wind Profile, County Wind Profile, Zip Code Wind Profile, Executive and Risk-Impact reports.

Enhanced Wind Radii Estimation for Joint Typhoon Warning Center storm forecast - We have significantly enhanced the wind radii estimation for the "missing data" problem for storms in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean.  This will now allow Global and Hurrtrak Advanced users to create consistent animations, wind band charts and most importantly allow for impact reporting for both land and sea locations.

Excel export enhancements – Excel export now includes location watch/warning information.

Tray Alert Message – The "tray alert" will now alert users when their "base" location has tropical storm or hurricane warnings / watches issued for it.

Google Earth export enhancements – Google Earth export now includes watch/warning information.

Tab and Automatic Summary Report Enhancements – Automatic Location Impact and Executive reports now include watch and warning information for the location(s) being analyzed.

Narrative Impact Description - The narrative now includes comments on whether the analyzed location is “under” a tropical storm and/or hurricane watch or warning.

SLOSH/Storm Surge improvements  – Six more SLOSH basins have been updated and rolled into the 2013 release.  This includes the following basins... Corpus Christi, Norfolk, Pamlico Sound, Apalachicola, Penobscot Bay and New Orleans.  Much more detail along with software improvements have made the Storm Surge program easier to use.

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Version 2012 Changes

"Expert Ease" We are particularly excited about this one! With Expert Ease you have another tool in your data arsenal. On a daily basis, our chief meteorologist will discuss, via video update, current tropical conditions as well as what is likely to occur in the near term. His observations are integrated within the Hurrtrak program throughout the Atlantic Hurricane season. Expert Ease gives you "inside" knowledge of the factors and conditions affecting the path and strength of active tropical storms and/or the tropical season in general. It is available to all users with current Hurrtrak software. (Click on the image to the right for more information.)

EZ Map  Enables both new and seasoned users to be more productive immediately. Press a button, and the system generates a tracking map for a current storm with all of the most common plot options. Choose anything from a default to user specific options.

EZ Report  Designed for new users, but useful for everyone. Simply supply a valid US address (street address, city-state, zip code) and the system generates an informative report for that single location. No need to add the location into the systems database or associate it to a location group. Just click on the "EZ" button, supply an address and you have your report…Boom!

Storm Conditions Display - The system now has an enhanced opening display (main tab) that via text and graphics, shows the current storm’s conditions including its strength, position, central pressure, motion and category of the storm.

Hurricane Model enhancement - Our model display program has been enhanced in several ways, focusing on efficiency and ease of use. You can now mouse over a forecast line/point and information about that model automatically displays the model name and description with details about the forecast point including forecast intensity. Additionally, users can select models they would like to see directly from the model display program and/or select "Max's favorite models"... which is a list of the hurricane models that Max Mayfield follows.

Automatic Summary Report Enhancements - The Automatic Summary reports now optionally include the storms forecasted wind bands.

Narrative Impact Description Comments on the likelihood of the analyzed location being impacted by the eye/eye wall and maximum storm surge of the storm are now included.

Usability enhancements - Made several changes including the ability to control the width of the forecast and model plot lines.

Expanded County Reports  - We’ve added a new location group (US Counties) which covers all US counties. Users will now be able to create county based Risk Impact Analysis and Executive reports.

Location Import Improvements The location import utility has been modified to make it more flexible in accepting different comma delimited formats (Hurrtrak Advanced).

SLOSH/Storm Surge improvements  – New Orleans, Lafayette, Galveston, Jacksonville, Savannah and Charleston basin analysis updates have been rolled into the 2012 release.  Much more detail along with software improvements have made the Storm Surge program easier to use.

Improved Email address book maintenance Bulk addition and deletion of email addresses is now available making email address management a snap!

EXCEL Export Excel export of location forecast impact is now standardized. Columns are now the same between forecast and actual reports and some fields have been standardized to always have numeric data. This should make it much easier for users to export the Hurrtrak data to another format or separate program.


Version 2011 Changes

"Data Layering" For 2011 we’re launching a tool that gives users the option to selectively turn on and turn off data layers during a tracking exercise.  For example, rather than plotting a storm or geographic feature and then having to “undo” it at a later time... the user may now simply select/turn on an icon to show the information on a tracking map and select the icon again (turn off) to remove it from the tracking map.  This real time enhancement makes creating a tracking map display extremely quick and easy
New Maps Several new topographical/relief type maps have been added this year.  You may now display the storm on an attractive map background which indicates mountainous areas, low lying areas, etc..
Simplified Google Earth Selection & Output For 2011, we’ve made interfacing with Google Earth a “breeze”.  With just ONE click, you can create a collection of Google Earth output and bundle them into ONE file.  AND, you can either save it as a file, save it to the EMail Outbox for later EMailing, Email it immediately or initiate a Google Earth session.  In addition, Google Earth files can now be automatically generated and Emailed when new data arrives on a current storm (see more below).
Revamped Automatic Summary Report - The definition of Automatic Summary Reports is significantly streamlined and more intuitive  in this years’ software.  A fully renovated user interface enables you to define the summary report on one screen with interactive feedback as you enter/modify the report’s parameters.  We have also added a new automatic report... Risk/Impact Summary Report. 
Redesigned EMail Alerts
- We love all of our improvements, but believe that this 2011 enhancement will really make you stand out with those you support…a genuine WOW factor!!!  Similar to the Automatic Summary Reports, we completely reworked the EMail Alert function. The result has been a much more intuitive interface that supports more flexibility when defining the “Alerts”.  In addition to identifying which users will receive an alert, you can also indicate which storms to include (or exclude) as well what schedule is best for each alert.  ***We have also created a NEW ALERT which will notify a user whenever one (or more) of their locations is expected to be impacted by a storm.***  These features really need to be experienced to be fully appreciated!
New Automation Capabilities When redesigning the Automation Summary Reports and EMail Alerts, we added a new category of automation.   It allows the user to quickly create and optionally email the following output... Google Earth interface files (KML), EXCEL Location Impact reports, Shape Files (Hurrtrak Advanced users) and plotted storm tracking maps.  It also has an intuitive/easy to use interface.
Improved Past Forecast Selection
 - The selection of “prior” forecast tracks has become much easier by allowing the user to quickly select/deselect earlier advisories forecast.  This allows you to quickly determine how the anticipated track  may change with each new forecast.
Improvements in Tropical Weather Outlooks
Global users will appreciate the addition of the JTWC graphical outlook images in 2011.
SLOSH/Storm Surge improvements  – New York, Wilmington/Myrtle Beach, Florida Bay, Fort Myers, New Orleans, and Laguna Madre basin analysis updates have been rolled into the 2011 release.  Much more detail along with software improvements have made the Storm Surge program easier to use.
Expanded Watches and Warnings
We will support the new areas of watches and warnings being utilized in 2011 which includes Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.
Enhanced Location Database
The addition of a new WORLD location group makes it much easier to plot and analyze storm impact worldwide.
Additional CommandBar "Themes"
-  New command bar color "themes" have been added allowing you to personalize the look and feel of the system even more than in the past.


Version 2010 updates

  • Enhanced Application Usability – A 2010 “facelift” provides greater use of command and toolbars as well as ease in selection of maps and satellite images.  This makes the system considerably easier to use and allows you to get the job done quicker.

  • Multiple EMail Attachments  – For anyone who emails information from the Hurrtrak system.. and who doesn't...  this is a welcome time saving addition which allows the user to send multiple application outputs in a single email.  Simply select the graphics or reports you wish to email and hit “Send.”  There is no limit to the number of attachments you can include. 

  • New Interactive wind speed forecast  – Just “point & click” on a tracking map and display forecast wind speeds for desired location. A great way to see how wind forecasts vary from location to location, particularly when using Advanced Wind Estimation.

  • Forecast Model Improvements - You asked and we delivered!  We now have a much easier, highly interactive method to pick and choose those forecast models you want displayed within the Hurrtrak system.

  • New 2010 Risk/Impact Analysis Tab - New "tab" displays the Risk/Impact information, along with a wind speed/ direction graph for base locations. PLUS…you now have the ability to define more than one "base" location to quickly assess the forecasted impacts to ALL of your high priority sites/locations.

  • New 2010 Location Risk/Impact Report – New forecast report combines risk analysis and wind forecast data in one graphically attractive report. Report includes risk analysis color bars as well as a chart of the location's expected wind speeds and wind directions during the passage of a storm.

  • Application "Skins" – Personalize your system's look and feel by using different application color and font schemes or "skins" with the Hurrtrak Application. Folks who want larger fonts will love this! Choose from several included “skins” or import your own.

  • Enhanced Mapping – Our software now displays counties, major roadways and state border outlines as "layers" on any tracking map. State borders are particularly useful on tracking maps that also display counties and all thematic type maps.

  • Enhanced map color capabilities – We’ve made it much easier to change your map colors (water/land) by introducing some pre-set color schemes for your selection...or, simply create your own.

  • Email Alert Narrative Impact Statement – EMail Alerts can now include the Narrative Impact Statement within the body of the Alert Email. This provides recipient(s) with not only the fact that the Alert Condition has been met but with the expected impact to the Alert Location…in a narrative format.

  • Additional EMail Alert Trigger – Users who must take actions based on wind speeds AND time frames will love this!  Our new EMail alert condition allows you to define an Alert which in turn notifies recipients that a certain wind speed is forecast to impact the Alert Location WITHIN a specific number of hours. (For example: “Alert me when 50 MPH winds are forecast for a location within 48 hours.”)

  • SLOSH/Storm Surge improvements - The latest SLOSH basin analysis updates including: New Orleans, Pensacola, Panama City, Apalachicola, Cedar Key, Tampa Bay, Miami/Biscayne Bay, Palm Beach, Cape Canaveral, Virgin Islands, Delaware Bay and Boston/Providence have been rolled into the 2010 release. They are much more detailed and software improvements have made the Storm Surge program easier to use.

  • Enhanced Google Earth exports – 2010 includes several more Google Earth exports including SLOSH Storm Surge Reports.

  • Expanded Hurricane History Database
  • Updated Watch and Warning breakpoints
  • Updated Average Forecast Error data
  • Update Tide database


Version 2009 changes


Version 2008 changes


Version 2007 changes 

Version 2006 changes 

Version 2005 changes

Version 2004 changes

  • Microsoft Outlook Email Interface – this function allows the user to utilize their MS Outlook address books and send capabilities from within Hurrtrak. This eliminates the need to maintain email list on both Outlook and Hurrtrak and also saves (optional) all emails sent from Hurrtrak.
  • Animated Gifs – this will allow the user to save and send any storm animation sequence
  • PDF Support allows the user to save and send all reports and graphics in PDF format. This addresses any formatting inconsistencies when sharing reports and also addresses security problems when sending HTML reports.
  • New LANDSAT based tracking maps. This allows the user to better visualize the characteristics of the land areas being impacted by a storm.
  • New Topographical tracking maps. Two new tracking maps allow the user to see the topography that may impact a storm’s strength.
  • New H*WIND Display program that displays detailed “estimated” storm winds provided by the NOAA’s Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Lab. . This data is provided by AOML on a “best can do basis”.
  • Enhanced Wind Band Analysis to show 10 levels of wind
  • Point and Click Impact Reports.  This allows the user to graphically select the forecast wind impact location.
  • Color coded storm tracks
  • Enhanced system and user preferences (options) interface
  • Expanded Hurricane History Database. Now from 1851 to 2003
  • Updated Tide, County and Zip Code database


Version 2003 changes


Version 2002 changes 

Version 2001 changes (2001)

Version 2000 changes (2000) 

Version 4.0 changes (1999)
New 32 bit version specifically designed for WIN 95/98, WIN NT
Redesigned user interface using tool and status bars
Added larger, more detailed tracking charts (1024x768)
Added 46 detailed tracking/SLOSH-Inundation charts
Enhanced the integration of HURRTRAK and HURRTRAK ONLINE allowing for automatic, no hands, updating of storm data (with HURRTRAK ONLINE)
Added SLOSH MOM Inundation Analysis which graphically indicates potential storm surge flood levels (above ground level)
Added status bar to SLOSH MOM and Inundation chart display indicating cursor positional data such as latitude, longitude, slosh value, land elevation and inundation level.
Added ability to define a "Base" location and automatically display and update its summary and detailed forecast impact information on main screen
Added status bars on main screen indicating database, storm name, latest storm information and "base" location impact details
Added status bar to tracking chart display indicating cursor position data such as Latitude, Longitude, Distance to Center, Wind Speed and Wind Direction
Added Email capabilities which includes:
Added the ability to export report data to HTML
Added the ability to export report data to a delimited file for easy import into spreadsheets and databases (i.e. EXCEL, MS ACCESS)
Added "Advisory ticker" which scrolls the latest public advisory across the bottom on the screen
Added ability to display strike probability values at select locations on the storm graphic
Enhanced Animation capabilities
Enhanced Font control for all text including the ability to turn off text plotting altogether
Expanded User Options for even more control
Added ability to activate and de-activate specific tracking charts
Added ability to mix graphics and text via expanded annotation features.

In case you missed Version 3.0 (1998)
Added the ability to customize tracking chart color scheme
Added automation capabilities
Added summary reporting
Added the Slosh model (MOM) storm surge data
Added a forecast Coastal Flood index capability
Added a forecast location coastal flooding analysis
Added onshore wind component added to detail location report
Added graphical based custom map creation
Added Latitude / Longitude grid
Included the ability to save a fax image
Now Year 2000 compliant
Added a User Diary
Included Font control for all text
Added Wind band and flood index legends
Added ability to copy storm to current database
Added "Quick TAU" function


In case you missed Version 2.0 (1997)


Version 1 (additional capabilities from Professional version 7.0)

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