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2016 HURRTRAK Software Enhancements...

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"ExpertEase" – Our highly rated ExpertEase, will continue in the 2016 software and now includes all 4 seasons (New!) making it a year round benefit. Please note that this feature is ONLY available to users who maintain the current version of the Hurrtrak software. In order to continue receiving these updates, you need to upgrade to the 2016 software. For those less familiar with the feature, ExpertEase is a superior tool in your data arsenal. On a daily basis via video update, our chief meteorologist discusses current tropical (and now also non-tropical) conditions as well as what is likely to occur in the near term. These observations are integrated within the Hurrtrak program throughout the Atlantic Hurricane season and also available via a web browser. Unique to PC Weather Product’s portfolio, ExpertEase gives you “inside” knowledge of the factors and conditions affecting the path and strength of active tropical storms as well as the details on winter storms and spring severe weather. Remember, it is available to all users with current Hurrtrak software installed.

Hurricane Forecast Wind Estimation improvements –  Due to some additional research, we have made some enhancements to the wind estimation routines within the system.  All of these changes are "under the covers" within the program code.

New! Severe Weather Watch/Warning Alerting system  (Includes video) - A significant enhancement this year is the addition of Severe Weather Watch/Warning Notification and Alerting. This allows user(s) to quickly receive notifications when severe weather threatens any location. Some aspects of this new feature include...

• Alert locations can be tailored to your base of operations ("home") or any number of locations (both pre-defined and custom ones that have been added). This means that you  can be notified when severe weather is indicated near any of the "sites" you typically monitor.
• Alerts are emailed to both the site being affected by the watch or warning as well as other email addresses defined. Additionally, the Watch/Warning information can be displayed as a Windows Tray Pop-up on the user’s workstation which allows for immediate notification.
• Alerts can be grouped so that a user receives just one email showing all of the "new" alerts affecting their locations rather than multiple single alert emails.
• Severe Weather triggers can be defined by the type of severe weather watch/warning and distance from the storm. For example, you may wish to be notified about Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm warnings only... not Watches or Special Weather Statements

New! Storm Report Notification and alerting (Includes video) - While the feature described above will notify users of severe weather watches & warnings... we now have the ability to alert you of observed storm reports (i.e. reported on the ground). Similar to the watch/warning function, alerts may be sent out via email to any set of locations and can have their triggers controlled by weather type and distance. The storm reports available are extensive including 31 different type of events.

New! Observed Weather Notification (Includes video)  - In addition to storm reports described above... the user now has the ability to set up alerts/notifications that will be triggered by certain weather conditions, observed via official weather stations. Again, alert triggers can be controlled by weather event type and distance as well as observed wind speed (where applicable).

New! Digital Weather Forecast query analysis and reporting - GFS model forecasts are new for 2016. You can now point and click anywhere on a map to get a text or tabular format forecast for the next 5-7 days. In addition, you can now create forecast reports that include information for multiple locations. This is especially helpful to users that need to get a quick view of forecasted conditions for sites they routinely monitor.

Location Database Enhancements – An email address and 5 additional "reference" fields have been added to the location database allowing the user to include additional information about a location which would then appear on an exported EXCEL report. Examples might include regional manager name, phone number, location description, etc. This is especially valuable to users who routinely create reports for retail establishments, warehouses, regional centers… generally any set of assets.

Expanded GIS database – The GIS foundation for the severe weather and Hurricane tracking display has been expanded/enhanced to include all o

Storm/Surge Improvements - Our 2016 release includes the latest SLOSH basin updates.

and... more changes under development not yet listed here...


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