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HURRTRAK Professional Version 2004

PC Weather Products, is a market leader in the design, development and delivery of Hurricane tracking, analysis and planning software. HURRTRAK Professional for Windows offers a complete set of advanced functions for storm tracking and analysis in support of anyone whose work depends on monitoring the progress of Atlantic storms and hurricanes. Features like detailed tracking charts, wind field analysis, location wind profiles and the ability to display the storm location and wind profile at any forecast interval (1-120 hours), make this a powerful addition to your hurricane preparedness tools. In addition, HURRTRAK Professional for Windows is capable of automatically connecting to the HURRTRAK-ONLINE service which provides the latest storm information and forecast data on a real time basis...eliminating the need for data entry.

PC Weather Products provides products and services to a wide range of business and government customers. Our Hurricane Tracking and Analysis Systems have assisted emergency planning professionals around the world for years.

Now PC Weather Products is pleased to announce a new version of HURRTRAK-Professional for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP or NT. Covering the Atlantic Hurricane basin, it features:

Landsat Image Tracking Charts.  This allows the user to view the storm track on fixed Landsat satellite images.  Provides a great way to see what land type usage is being impacted. new4.gif (918 bytes)
Topographical Tracking Charts.  This allows the user to view the storm track on topographical type maps.  Useful in determining what kind of terrain a storm is encountering or forecast to pass over. new4.gif (918 bytes)
Ability to save any report or graphic as a Adobe Acrobat PDF file.  Acrobat has become the standard in the sharing of documents and reports  new4.gif (918 bytes)
H*Wind Display Program. We have created a new program that provides an interactive method of viewing/analyzing the AOML/HRD data.  new4.gif (918 bytes)
Color Coded Storm Tracks.  Not a big deal but now you can have the storm tracks color coded by storm strength.  Color are user definable.  new4.gif (918 bytes)
Support of National Hurricane Center's 96 and 120 hour forecast including estimation of storm's wind fields at those extended forecast hours..
comma1.gif (19325 bytes) Inclusion of estimated wind gusts on all location wind impact reports. 
The complete 1991 - 2004 storm database which includes all observations, forecast and advisory text. enhanced.gif (195 bytes)
QuickPlot feature that allows the user to get a quick, complete snapshot of the current tropical storm situation.
Satellite Image Map Tracking.  This allows the user to access satellite images as the tracking map background.
Display the storms past and forecast wind band analysis. Now with up to 10 levels. enhanced.gif (195 bytes)
"Information tab" style interface. This allows the user to create and view data easier than ever before.  Selecting this hyperlink will download a 1 meg animated gif that illustrates this new capability.

"Risk alert" feature that allows the user to get a quick visual analysis of the the risk to their location.
Pan and Zoom mapping capabilities which allows the user to select any size and scale map area 
Twenty Six Highly Detailed Tracking Charts, now also in 1400x1048
Five detailed, user defined custom tracking charts
Image22s.gif (1135 bytes) Ability to customize the tracking chart colors  
Automatically create and update tracking charts. 
Extensive astronomical tide database for over 20,000 US coastal sites  enhanced.gif (195 bytes)
mainstatus.gif (30702 bytes) Status bars on main screen   
chartstatus.gif (20482 bytes) Status bars on tracking chart display   
ticker.gif (39443 bytes) Advisory "ticker"  
annotatenew.gif (52009 bytes) Enhanced Tracking Chart Annotation Capabilities
Image7s.gif (1191 bytes) Depiction of latitude & longitude grids 
anicane.gif (4988 bytes) Graphical based custom map creation 
Display the storms past and forecast wind band analysis. Now with up to 10 levels. enhanced.gif (195 bytes)
Images23s.gif (1210 bytes) Quick "TAU" plotting 
Display the areas of  hurricane and tropical storm watches and warnings
cap27s.gif (425 bytes) Copy (to clipboard) capability for ALL reports and storm data 
Image21s.gif (1040 bytes) Maintain a "User Diary"   
Ability to display multiple storm tracks
Ability to show counties and roadways on all tracking charts (US)
Accurate graphical representation of the storm's eye, destructive eyewall, 34, 50 and 64 knot winds and wind field.
Display NHC forecast path on any chart
Display a storm's "snapshot" forecasted position
810s.gif (1130 bytes) Compute a Location Summary Report
anicane.gif (4988 bytes) Compute a Detailed Location Report  
htmlexport.gif (35607 bytes) Ability to export report data to HTML  
comma1.gif (19325 bytes) Ability to export report data to a comma delimited file
Display "Chart Notes" indicating the storm's observed data
Sophisticated, climatology based forecast
Vast location database  
Includes a separate historical analysis program
fontoptions.gif (19582 bytes) Enhanced font options and control
uo21.gif (15144 bytes) Extensive user customization capabilities   enhanced.gif (195 bytes)
Estimate the "missing" NHC forecast wind field information
980s.gif (1038 bytes) Landfall Analysis

cap28as.gif (432 bytes)

Enhanced Windows printing capabilities

Ability to connect to HURRTRAK ONLINE
HOLintegrate.gif (10359 bytes) Enhanced integration with HURRTRAK ONLINE  

Customer Comments

HURRTRAK Professional 2004
$380.00 (+$15.00 s&h)

Network versions and site licenses are available for all products (call for pricing)

huriflg6.gif (10790 bytes)

System requirements:
Windows 95 / 98 / ME / XP / 2000 NT (4.0)
Pentium based processor
64 MB RAM, CD-ROM Drive
100 MB hard disk space



What's up

NEW versions of the HURRTRAK software are now available for ordering.  Call us at 800 605-2230.


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